Episode 13

Published on:

12th Nov 2023

S1:E13 Do you know what you want?

Asian women experience shame as little girls. We start feeling not good enough all the way into our career. This habit negatively affects us in all aspects of work and personal relationships. We end up knowing what we want. So we don't ask and get what we want.

In this episode Jeanny shares examples from her past in she learned she was not good enough. Included in this session is an extra-long affirmation in Part 2 of the Episode for you to gain your confidence back!

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About the Podcast

Asians Breaking Ceilings
Building unapologetic confidence in AAPI women
Building unapologetic confidence in AAPI professionals

Through systematic training Jeanny, Founder of BambooMyth.com will outline step by step how to transform overwhelm and burnout to taking ownership of your leadership and career design. Tapping into her experience coaching over 300+ AAPI women and speaking at dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Uber, KPMG, Salesforce, and Cisco, she reveals the strategies needed to overcome ingrained cultural norms that have become a roadblock to greater success.

Many of us grew up with cultural norms like shaming, perfectionism, and filial piety that no longer serve us. We might look successful on the outside, but lack confidence to advocate for ourselves. We end up invisible and over-worked. That changes today. Jeanny will share with you how to finally unleash your confidence, how to speak up, and live your leadership potential in your career and life. Whether you want a promotion, new role, or the courage to start your side-hustle, you'll be empowered from within.

This podcast has been a decade in the making. It all started when I got Stage 2 breast cancer as a 40 year-old single mom and career woman. I had not 1, but 3 tumors and my doctor said it was stress-induced. She asked me why. I said, "I'm Asian." The amazing medical team saved my life and this was my wake-up call to start living differently. Over the next decade, I learned to stop burnout through managing self-doubt, constant guilt, and debilitating people-pleasing habits.

New episodes are released every Sunday night at 5pm Pacific. Most will be solo episodes with occasional guests and livestreams to include audience interactions.

Full Transcripts availble for every episode at AsiansBreakingCeilings.com

About your host

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Jeanny Chai

BambooMyth.com Founder, coach & speaker, Jeanny Chai helps Asian American women find their worth from within and “Live Their Leadership Potential” by reframing the cultural priorities that have been given to us. She believes that breaking through the Bamboo Ceiling is an internal quest and only by thinking differently that we can create a new norm. She has been invited to speak at companies including Salesforce, Oracle, KPMG, HP and has been featured in Fortune Magazine, NBC News, and USA Today.

Drawing from powerful personal experiences that include “shaming” her family by not attending medical school after graduating from Stanford, raising four children and becoming known as a successful business development professional in Silicon Valley, Jeanny has devoted herself to helping Asian Americans find their confidence from within.
It took Jeanny 3 breast cancer tumors and a divorce to come into the realization of how she could flourish, and she is dedicated to saving other women the pain of having to go through great adversity to reach the point of personal transformation.

Read more about Jeanny’s impact and work at www.BambooMyth.com